#1 Roofing Contractor in Honolulu


Kaila Kular

“I had a good experience with this roofing contractor in Honolulu HI. They came on time and installed a new roof faster than they told us it could take. The promotional offer was just fine and our budget was enough for quality roof.”

Aileen Gugudan

"I have nothing but the highest esteem for your company beginning with my experience with Jon Vaughn, who patiently and with the utmost professionalism did the estimations, explanations to answer all of my ignorant questions, as well as spoke very highly of your company’s great ability to handle the job to change the whole hail, and extreme wind and rain damaged roof of my home. He gave me the confidence to trust your company and all the ones who work there!

I have had several very negative experiences regarding repairs done to my home from incomplete extensions to little incomplete repairs because people ran out of money or did very poor estimating to begin with. More money was always required to either complete the jobs or in some cases, still not completed and/or after completion, further problems still not resolved.

Everyone else from your company like Victor and the Foreman Pete were very helpful and considerate of my circumstances! Pete explained very clearly and patiently what all was done to my roof and even showed me samples of what was used for my roof! I really appreciated the clean-up they performed after each day that they were here working. I truly expected a mess especially after the first day! They really made a good impression on me! All the workers that I encountered, answered my questions respectfully and some even smiled and made me feel like they enjoyed working on my home!

As a retired educator and educational administrator, it’s just a natural thing that I do automatically without thinking and that is to observe and evaluate people! In my most professional opinion, I found everyone that I encountered through your company to be of a great asset to your company! I have already told everyone in my family and clan, and they all do own homes, that my roof has been completed and that it was done very well, and also, I would highly recommend your company to them, wholeheartedly! When I called Ryan Lum of First Insurance Company to tell him that my re-roofing was completed and how pleased I was, he told me as he has many times that your MRC Roofing Company is one of the most preferred company that they like to use!

Thank you so very much! Your company has restored my faith in the Construction Industry that my own deceased Father was a part of for many years before owning his own General Contracting Business!"